Studio Locations: Threemilestone, Truro & St Austell 
Tel: 01726 400616 -
Studio Locations: Threemilestone, Truro & St Austell
Tel: 01726 400616 -
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“This art...will live forever young and immortal, because beauty lies in the domain of the spirit just as material resides in the physical order; it transforms itself but never dies.” ~ Enrico Cecchetti, 1921

The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). Born into a family of professional dancers, Maestro Cecchetti had a distinguished career as a principal dancer on the international scene before becoming a teacher of renown. He taught in Russia, Poland, Italy and England and became the private instructor of Anna Pavlova and many other celebrated dancers.

Cecchetti enlarged upon the Italian tradition of teaching, codified by Carlo Blasis, which maintained the balances and proportions of the human body, poised and in movement. The Cecchetti science of classroom practice exacted a co-ordination of arms, legs, and head, which produced a wonderful fluidity of movement, particularly in the upper body.

Enrico CecchettiAlthough Cecchetti's development of the terre à terre style—brilliant articulations of the legs, with the dancer barely leaving the floor—was notable, his varied, six-day plan trained jumps of many textures. Most importantly, the solid, un-mannered Cecchetti base enabled the dancer to embrace any choreographic style.

Cyril Beaumont in London, England published the Cecchetti theories, beginning in 1922. Beaumont was assisted in the transcription of the manuals by Cecchetti protégés, Stanislas Idzikowski, Margaret Craske, and Derra de Moroda. In 1924, the Cecchetti Society was incorporated as a branch of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

The Cecchetti Ballet Method

Capitol School of Dance are members of the Cecchetti Society. More information about the Cecchetti Society can be found at their website: